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Join us in our new global mission

I am delighted to announce the launch of Cruelty Free International, a global non-profit organization, established by the BUAV and dedicated to ending product testing on animals. Such an organization has been a personal mission of mine for a number of years so I am especially thrilled to finally see it become a reality. 




We are grateful to Ricky Gervais who, as an Ambassador for Cruelty Free International, has issued a worldwide appeal for support and stars in our campaign video.   

It is incredible that despite growing public awareness of the suffering inflicted on animals, over 80% of the world still allows animals to be cruelly used to test cosmetics. Alongside this concern for animal welfare, there is growing pressure to replace out-dated animal tests with non-animal methods, which are scientifically more valid and relevant to humans. Many of the animal tests historically used to test cosmetics ingredients have now been replaced. 

Essentially, only countries within Europe have banned animal testing for cosmetics with a marketing ban due to come into full effect in 2013 (although this may be watered down or delayed). The remaining countries have no ban. In a global market it is important that all countries ban the practice to avoid testing simply moving around the world to those countries with no effective laws. The time has come for a concerted effort to finally end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide. Cruelty Free International will lead this global effort.

Cruelty Free International will draw upon the expertise of the BUAV using a combination of political knowledge, high profile media work, scientific and policy expertise. With offices in the UK, USA and Singapore, we will have national campaigns run from regional hubs, working with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide. 

Our goal is an ambitious one but I have the confidence that with your support we have the commitment and passion to make cosmetics animal testing a thing of the past. Please support this exciting and groundbreaking campaign. Visit our Website, join us on Facebook and Twitter and make a donation. 

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