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Help us celebrate 15 years of the Leaping Bunny!


This month I am proud to announce an important milestone; the 15th anniversary of the international Humane Cosmetic Standard (HCS). Established by the BUAV and symbolised by the Leaping Bunny trademark the scheme is the gold standard for  cosmetics that are free from animal testing and is operated across Europe, the US and Canada. 

In the past 15 years, thanks to the BUAV and our colleagues (the standard is managed in each region by a coalition of animal organisations), more and more companies, including major high street retailers, have begun selling cosmetics, personal care and household products without testing on animals. Today, we are delighted that over 400 companies have been certified worldwide

This is a huge undertaking on our part as it can take years for a single company’s application to be approved. We have to regularly audit over 400 companies to ensure that every product they produce complies with the Humane Standards.

The standards have been and continue to be incredibly successful, not only in raising consumer awareness about animal testing issues but also in helping companies to ensure their cosmetics, toiletries and household products are free from animal testing.

The BUAV has led the way in campaigning to end the suffering of animals for cosmetics testing and we are delighted that companies in the UK such as Marks & Spencer, Superdrug, Bulldog Natural Skincare, Melvita and Liz Earle all carry the Leaping Bunny. To obtain a complete list of products that carry the Leaping Bunny logo, get your own copy of the Little Book of Cruelty Free.

And don’t forget, you can help us celebrate this important achievement by pledging to go “cruelty free:  

By committing to use only cosmetic, personal care and household products certified with the Leaping Bunny mark you will help us send a strong message to companies – that not testing on animals is best for business as well as ethics. Every pledge helps us save animals from cruel and unnecessary suffering by convincing more and more brands to Go Cruelty Free.

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