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Please help us save the lives of thousands of animals each year!

Today sees the launch of our new campaign, REPLACE! Our objective is to persuade regulators to accept alternatives to animal testing which have been validated, thus saving the lives of thousands of animals at a time. We’ve already had some great success with this campaign following our undercover investigation at UK company, Wickham Laboratories, where we discovered that horrific tests were being carried out on rabbits and mice for medicines which were no longer required by international regulations. As a direct result of our efforts, the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate carried out a review which found that a shocking 26 veterinary drugs were being tested on animals in the UK when there was no longer any scientific or regulatory need. This resulted in a change to the licenses for those drugs saving an estimated 38,000 animals over the next five years!

Please support our Science Team with this important new project and help us save the lives of thousands of animals each year.

Later today I shall be travelling to Warsaw, with other members of the BUAV team, to attend the bi-annual meeting of the BUAV-led European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE). The ECEAE is the leading alliance in Europe campaigning on behalf of animals used in laboratories, and we are pleased that, at this meeting, we will have animal advocates representing organisations from 23 countries across Europe! 

This meeting comes at a crucial time for animals in laboratories as key issues are being discussed at EU and national level. For example, the cosmetics marketing ban and the transpositions of the EU animal testing directive into the national legislation of each Member State will be a main focal point.

So far 45 MPs have signed Early Day Motion (EDM) 2244, which supports the BUAV call to the UK Government to maintain and enforce higher standards when it implements new UK animal testing legislation. This is great news as the EDM was only tabled a couple of weeks ago, but we still need your support! If your MP has not yet signed EDM 2244 please contact him/her and politely ask them to do so

In other news, I was recently chosen as one of 400 Women of Achievement and invited to the prestigious Women of the Year Lunch held in London. I was delighted to be at such an inspiring occasion!  

Finally, I was interviewed by Sky News for a story on the proposal to build a beagle breeding facility in Hull. The story ran on Sunday across the Sky News network, and also appeared in the Sunday Times and Daily Mirror which was important coverage for this controversial planning appeal.

We have been a key voice in opposing this proposal over the months, arguing that if the farm is allowed to go ahead it will fly in the face of public opinion and the Government's recent pledge to reduce the number of animals used in experiments. The company in question, Bantin & Kingman, has appealed against the local authority's decision to reject the proposal which has resulted in the decision now being referred to the Secretary of State. 

We want to say a big thank you to you all for your support – we loved reading your supportive feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages! You can find out more information and how you can support our campaign further here

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