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Taking our message to politicians

Party Conference Season is always a busy time for the BUAV and this year is no exception. We’re raising key animal testing issues with politicians including the EU Cosmetics Directive, UK import of primates for research purposes, the Government reduction pledge and the adoption of the new EU Directive on animal experiments

This week I’m at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool where tonight I’ll be addressing the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) about current issues on animal testing.

Last week, our Policy Team attended the Liberal Democrat Conference. Our stand has been well received and visited by MPs, MEPs, Councillors and party members. I am delighted to tell you that several MPs have signed pledge boards in support of our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign and many party members have signed our No Cruel Cosmetics petition.  

You can keep up with the BUAV Policy Team this week at the Labour Party Conference and find out who we are meeting by following us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page.

Staying with politics, please don’t forget to sign our e-petition to the government, calling for a Parliamentary debate on animal testing.

Finally, we have just learned that the B&K beagle facility planning application has been referred to the Secretary of State, which means that The Planning Inspectorate is now no longer the decision-maker. Thank you to the thousands of people who have already taken the time to write letters of objections and sign our petition. The BUAV is continuing to campaign and we need to ask for your support again on this important issue. I urge you to write polite letters and emails to the Secretary of State to ask that B&K’s appeal is rejected.

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