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Why our investigations are so critical in unveiling the hidden horrors inside laboratories

Over the years our investigations have consistently revealed the secrets the research industry would never want to be released into the public domain. Millions of families throughout the UK who share their homes and lives with cats and dogs are certain to be appalled by the revelations exposed in our most recent investigation, Born to Die.

The eight month investigation carried out at MSD Animal Health has revealed that very young puppies and kittens, used in research for animal vaccines, were between four weeks to six months old. After testing, they were killed and their bodies cut up. Undercover video footage taken by our investigator graphically shows the pitiful plight of these very young animals, including puppies becoming distressed and crying out during the taking of blood and lethal injections.

It is unacceptable, not only that these animals are suffering and dying in this way, but that many of them could have been released into loving homes instead of being killed and discarded for convenience sake.

The Sunday Express revealed our investigation to the public on Sunday March 2nd with a heart-wrenching image on the front page of one of the very young puppies, Milo who at only four months old was taken to his death on 30th January.

Thousands of dogs and hundreds of cats are used in research every year in the UK. Yet, despite the widespread public concern about their use, because of the secrecy surrounding animal research very little is known about the suffering they are forced to endure.

During our eight month investigation, 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles, at least 15 kittens and an unknown number of rabbits, calves and chickens were killed at the facility. The trusting pregnant females were delivered to the laboratory and once their puppies were taken away from them for tests and they no longer served a purpose, they were routinely killed. Such a senseless waste of life.

With these following words, our undercover investigator, *Suzie reminds us that each one of us can, and must try to make a difference daily for the innocent victims who are born to die in UK laboratories.

‘These past eight months have been some of the most difficult of my life.  But I kept going because if we are ever to see the end of such cruel experiments, the public must find out the truth.’

Read more about the investigation and how to take action today. Thank you.