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BUAV call to cargo carriers to stop transportation of wild caught monkeys to the USA


The BUAV is calling on two charter carriers to stop transporting wild caught monkeys to the USA. Information obtained by the BUAV shows that in the past few months both Choice Airways and Laparkan Airways have flown monkeys snatched from the wild to primate supply companies in the USA, both of which supply monkeys for research purposes

The capture of monkeys from the wild inflicts great suffering, injuries and even death. It is a brutal trade that centres on the cruel trapping of wild animals and the plundering of wild populations. The substantial negative impact caused by trapping and removal of wild primates from their natural habitat and social groups is universally recognised. Monkeys are ripped from their homes and family groups, packed into small wooden crates and shipped as cargo. Evidence obtained by the BUAV from source countries has revealed the immense suffering inflicted on primates during their capture, caging, holding and transportation.

Please send polite emails to these carriers, urging them to join the growing list of airlines that refuse to transport primates destined for research purposes, including British Airways, British Midland, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, South African Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, Caribbean Airlines and China Airlines:

Choice Airways




Suggested text for letter

I am writing in support of the BUAV Cargo Cruelty campaign.

I was shocked to learn that your airline is involved in the transportation of wild caught monkeys. It is unacceptable that these sensitive animals, ripped from their families and homes, are then subjected to the stress of being packed into small crates and shipped as cargo on your airline to end up in laboratories where they will suffer in experiments.

I urge you to join the increasing number of airlines that have made the decision to stop their involvement in this cruelty.


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