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Breaking News: TAM Linhas Aéreas announces end to monkey shipments following BUAV campaign!


We are delighted to announce that TAM Linhas Aéreas, Brazil’s and Latin America's largest airline, has just informed the BUAV that it will no longer transport primates destined for research purposes. 

Only recently, the BUAV revealed TAM Airline's role in transporting marmosets from Brazil to a laboratory in the USA. As a direct result of the BUAV's revelations and subsequent campaign calling on individuals and groups from around the world to contact the airline, on the 6th February, TAM Airlines announced to the BUAV that it was carrying out a review of its procedures.

Today, the airline has informed us of the outcome of that review. It has announced a new policy not to transport primates destined for research. It will be the latest in a long line of major international carriers to implement a policy on the back of widespread public concern about the trade. Examples of those airlines, that were once major carriers, to have ceased transporting primates, include British Airways, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, American Airlines Caribbean Airlines, China Airlines and most recently, Hainan Airlines.  

Michelle Thew, BUAV's Chief Executive, said: "We welcome the action taken by TAM Linhas Aéreas to adopt a policy on this important issue. The shipment of monkeys for research is a subject that raises strong public concern. We call on remaining airlines to end their involvement in this cruel trade."

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters in support of our campaign. It so important to show the strength of public feeling on this issue. We are grateful for all your support!

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