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Rabbits are Special competition winners!


Our ‘Rabbits are Special’ competition has been very popular. We received over 85 entries. Thank you to everyone who took part. The accounts of why your rabbits are so special are wonderful to read. 


















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We were delighted to have the support of celebrity “it girl” and designer, Meg Mathews, who together with her daughter Anaïs Gallagher, agreed to judge the BUAV competition. It was a difficult decision to make but they selected the following companion rabbits as our winners:

In joint first place we have ‘Baby Saint’ and ‘Tammy’.


Baby Saint                                                                Tammy

Baby Saint’s story: 

Baby Saint was rescued by Maysie after she was dumped with her mother by the side of a busy road. Sadly, Baby Saint had been terribly abused and is now blind and disabled. Despite her bad start in life, Maysie tells us that Baby Saint is one of the happiest rabbits she has and lives with her family of 21 other rescued rabbits, including Helen, Baby Saint’s mother.  

Tammy’s Story:

Tammy is an 11 month old rabbit and a dear friend to Chloe. Tammy has brought Chloe joy through some difficult times. Chloe tells us Tammy is a very cheeky rabbit and enjoys climbing on to her back!

Our runner up is Miss Connie Pops:


Miss Connie Pops’ story:

Connie was used for breeding and kept in terrible condition until she was rescued along with a number of other rabbits. Leah describes her as beautiful and clever and quite a character. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in our competition. You can look at the full list of entries.

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