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BUAV reveals new airline involved in the shipment of monkeys for research


The BUAV has uncovered a new airline involved in the transportation of primates for research. Last year, Brazil’s and Latin America's largest airline, TAM Linhas Aéreas, flew eleven marmoset monkeys from Brazil to the University of Nebraska in the USA. 

Thousands of primates are transported by airlines hundreds of miles around the world for the international research industry. Some are trapped in the wild and cruelly ripped from their family groups, whilst others are bred in captivity and confined on large-scale farms. In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have stopped their involvement in the transportation of monkeys destined for research purposes, including in the past months American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and IBC Airways

The BUAV has highlighted the animal welfare concerns associated with the transportation of primates. Monkeys can endure delays, poor ventilation, noise and temperature fluctuations. Over the years, incidents have taken place around the world where these individuals have suffered greatly or even died during their shipment to laboratories. Conditions that resulted in the death or euthanasia of monkeys imported into the United States during 2009 included pneumonia, enteritis, gastroenteritis, dehydration, weight loss, poor body condition and bacterial infection. Other reported incidents graphically illustrate the trauma experienced by these sensitive animals during their transportation on airlines.

Please contact TAM Linhas Aéreas to urge them to end their involvement in the cruelty and suffering that is intrinsically linked to the trade in primates for research; and to implement a policy as a matter of urgency to stop any future shipments of this type.


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