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Sign BUAV petition in support of Air Canada's decision to stop monkey shipments


Please support the move by Air Canada to stop transporting primates for research. The airline has recently filed an amended tariff with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to enable it to end the transportation of primates destined for research. Unfortunately, the CTA announced this week that it was suspending Air Canada's amended tariff pending a hearing on its proposed new policy.

Revelations by the BUAV in 2011 of Air Canada’s role in the transportation of primates for research led to widespread publicity and an international campaign supported by members, animal organisations and individuals around the world. As a consequence, Air Canada has made the decision to stop the transportation of such primates  destined for research. The airline has stated: "It was a decision taken both to align our policies with those of many other major international carriers and in response to widespread public concern.” 

The BUAV has joined with and launched a petition in support of Air Canada’s decision, requesting that the Canadian Transportation Agency recognise the strength of public feeling on this issue and allow Air Canada to align its policies with those of other major passenger airlines. 

Please sign and circulate the petition.