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When will Europe finally ban cruel cosmetics?


The BUAV has been campaigning hard to maintain the 2013 deadline when the sale of animal tested cosmetics would be banned throughout the European Union. Our No Cruel Cosmetics petition has now reached a staggering 140,000 signatures. 

We have just received an update from Brussels in which it appears that the EU Commission will indeed recommend keeping the 2013 deadline. However, disappointingly it may propose an exemption, allowing the sale in Europe of cosmetics containing animal tested ingredients if those cosmetics go through a special approval procedure, showing "....that the ingredient in question would bring considerable technical progress and a significant added value to the health and/or wellbeing of consumers/society or to the environment." This is unacceptable and would still allow cruel animal testing to take place for cosmetics products sold in Europe. 

We need your support more than ever to push for a full sales ban with no exemptions to come into force in 2013. You can help win this final critical stage:

The BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew stated:It is unacceptable for animals to continue to suffer and die for the sake of vanity. This is an issue of great concern to people across Europe and could potentially mean the deaths of thousands of animals. People are shocked to learn that animal testing outside the EU for cosmetics and toiletries sold in the EU is still perfectly legal and will be outraged to hear that a loophole may be introduced that will continue to allow cosmetics to be cruelly tested on animals.”

The BUAV urges everyone to write to their MEP asking them to support the ban and oppose any loophole being introduced. It is time to rid the European Union of animal tested cosmetics once and for all.