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BUAV launches REPLACE to save animals from cruel tests


The BUAV has launched the REPLACE campaign encouraging regulators to promote and accept validated alternatives to animal testing, saving thousands of animals at a time.

Legislation and guidelines for safety testing of chemicals and drugs often specify that animal tests are done. However, there is also a legal and moral imperative to avoid using animals when validated alternatives exist. Unfortunately, legislators and regulators are very slow at updating their requirements, or the wording of the requirements are vague. As a result, thousands of animals are used in the EU and worldwide in tests where scientifically validated non-animal alternatives are available.

Our team of scientists has already saved millions of animals from cruel deaths. See our new REPLACE campaign page to see what we've already achieved and how we're making change happen.

The BUAV is the only UK animal protection organisation consistently doing this kind of work. If you would like to help saves the lives of thousands of animals each year, please support our REPLACE campaign by making a donation.