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BUAV campaign to stop beagle farm continues



Earlier this month, over 28,000 people signed the BUAV’s petition to oppose the replacement of a beagle breeding farm in Yorkshire by Bantin & Kingman (B&K). The BUAV's opposition to the farm and petition received national and regional media coverage.

We have learned that the case has been recovered for decision by the Secretary of State, which means that The Planning Inspectorate is no longer the decision-maker.

The Planning Inspectorate will be making another visit to the site and preparing a report for the Secretary of State. The BUAV has been assured that our submission, petition and all the other appeals “will be taken into consideration”.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAVThis latest development is a reflection of the controversy surrounding this application and the strong public opposition both at a regional and national level. The UK government has made a pledge to reduce the shocking number of animals used in experiments in the UK. Not allowing this facility will be a good starting point.  If B&K’s planning application is successful, thousands more beagles will be bred to suffer and die in cruel experiments. We ask people to write to the Secretary of State to ask for the appeal to be rejected."

We want to thank the thousands of people who took the time to the oppose B&K’s controversial plan, and once again we urge you to take action by writing polite letters and emails to the Secretary of State to ask that B&K’s appeal is rejected:

The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, 

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government,

House of Commons,

London, SW1A 0AA.

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