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ECEAE becomes stakeholder for European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods



The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), for which the BUAV is the Secretariat,  has been chosen from a range of organisations to be a registered stakeholder at the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM). 

ECVAM was created in 1991 to coordinate the validation of alternative methods across Europe. Since then it has successfully completed several validation studies including ones on skin and eye irritation to replace the cruel Draize tests on rabbits. 

Following the revision of Directive 86/609 on the use of animals in scientific experiments, the role of ECVAM has been written into the legislation and its remit expanded to cover the validation of alternative methods for both basic and applied research and testing. Each Member State has to nominate a representative to coordinate validation studies to assist ECVAM. As part of this process ECVAM has set up PARERE (Preliminary Assessment of Regulatory Relevance) and ESTAF (ECVAM Stakeholder Forum) to input at an early stage on the relevance of proposed methods, meaning that only the best methods will be put forward for validation.

The ECEAE has always supported the ECVAM as the centre point for the validation of methods that will replace animals. We are pleased to have been selected as a stakeholder in the ESTAF committee. We attended the first ESTAF meeting on 26th May to share our expectations for ECVAM and ESTAF with the other new stakeholders. We look forward to working with ECVAM to improve both the validation process and the quality of methods being validated.