BUAV's campaign to end the use of animals in household product testing wins Government support


The BUAV has today welcomed the announcement by the new Coalition Government to end the cruel use of animals to test household products.

"We will end the testing of household products on animals and work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research."

The commitment has been published in “The Coalition: Our programme for government”

The BUAV has led the campaign to end the cruel use of animals in household product testing. Our high profile and successful political and public campaign, Clean Up Cruelty gained pledges from all the major political parties.

The campaign aims to eliminate the cruel and unnecessary use of animals in the testing of ingredients for household products such as washing-up liquid, bathroom cleaner, floor polish and air fresheners. Major high street retailers are increasingly responding to public concern about this issue and signing up to the BUAV’s Humane Household Product Standard (HHPS) – the only internationally recognised scheme that enables consumers to easily identify and purchase household products whose ingredients have not been tested on animals. All household products made by the Co-operative and Marks and Spencer have been approved under the HHPS. This clearly illustrates that it is unnecessary to test on animals to manufacture and sell safe and effective household products.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV said: “After many years of campaigning on this important issue, the BUAV is delighted that The Coalition Government has included this ban in its programme to finally bring an end to the use of animals in the cruel and unnecessary testing of household products."

20th May 2010