BUAV calls for public inquiry of controversial plans for beagle factory


Today we have written to the planning inspector asking for a public inquiry of B&K Universal’s controversial plans for a unit breeding beagles and other animals for research at Grimston, East Riding.

Last October, and in 2012, East Riding of Yorkshire Council turned down the application following our high profile campaigns which received support Brian May and Ricky Gervais. B&K (using the name Yorkshire Evergreen) have appealed the latest decision and the Secretary of State for the Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, has taken the unusual step of ‘recovering’ the appeal to himself, which means that he will decide it, after a recommendation from the planning inspector. It is thought that Mr Pickles has recovered the appeal because the proposal gives rise to regional and national controversy.

The inspector has indicated provisionally that the appeal can be dealt with by written representations rather than a public inquiry. We believe that this would be wholly inappropriate and in breach of the inspectorate’s own guidance. The appeal raises complex issues of science and law and local feeling against the development runs high. Local residents should be given an opportunity of articulating their concerns and B&K’s plans must be subjected to close examination, which only an inquiry could do.

The particular issues which the BUAV has raised are:

Michelle Thew, CEO of the BUAV said: “There is widespread public concern about this planning appeal. People simply do not want a facility within their community breeding hundreds, possibly thousands of dogs, to suffer and die in the name of research. Moreover, there are a number of complex issues with this appeal which we believe can only be dealt with properly with a public inquiry.”

She added: “There is a strong ethical and scientific case to end these outdated experiments and strong planning reasons to reject the appeal.”

The BUAV’s Our Best Friends campaign is calling on the Government to ban all experiments on dogs and cats in the UK and includes requesting no further facilities are granted permission to breed dogs for the purpose of supplying laboratories. Please sign our petition today.