“Life after labs”: Good news for The Beagle Freedom Bill in California


The Beagle Freedom Project in the US has been working to enact new legislation in California to ensure dogs who are considered ‘surplus to requirements’ by laboratories can be placed into loving homes instead of being killed.

If successful, the Beagle Freedom Bill will require all California-based research facilities that receive tax dollars to hand over their dogs to non-profit groups at the end of the research.

On 29th April 2014 The Beagle Freedom Bill AB 2431 was heard by the Assembly Higher Education Committee. Despite opposition from the University of California, Stanford, the University of Southern California and the California Biomedical Research Association, the Bill successfully passed with 12-0 votes.

This was an important first step for the Bill. Although the Bill passed its first committee hearing there is still a long way to go. The next step will be for the Bill to go through assembly, then to a full floor vote on the Assembly, followed by Senate appropriations and a full floor vote in the Senate. Finally it will need to be signed off by the governor.  We hope there is still enough time to get the Bill through this year!

This side of the pond, the BUAV is calling for the mandatory release of cats and dogs “who are no longer required” by the laboratories in the UK as part of the Our Best Friends campaign. The move follows our undercover investigation which revealed that MSD Animal Health had no system for finding homes for beagles and other animals after they had ‘outlived their use’.


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