‘Beauty Belle’ Sarah Jagger joins the BUAV campaign to end experiments on cats and dogs


Beauty expert, Sarah Jagger is a member of ITV This Morning’s ‘The Beauty Belles’ and knows that good looks are not the only thing it takes to be a beautiful person.

Compassionate animal-lover Sarah said: ‘Truly beautiful people care about animals and would wish to stop senseless suffering wherever possible. That is why I encourage everyone to join the BUAV Our Best Friends campaign so together we can end the use of cats and dogs in UK experiments.’

Dogs and cats share our homes and our lives. 23% of British families now include at least one dog, and around 19% of us have at least one cat. Yet each year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs are harmed in cruel experiments in the UK. They endure a life of misery caged in laboratories where they may never see the sky or feel grass under their paws. These animals are not protected by the same law as domestic family dogs, meaning researchers can carry out experiments on them which may inflict severe suffering and harm.

Other celebrities who are support our  campaign include Ricky GervaisPaul O’GradyKimberly WyattChris Packham and Helen Skelton.