BUAV welcomes Green Party Euro election manifesto pledge on animal experiments



The BUAV has been working with our partners in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) to persuade European election candidates to support a range of commitments on animal experiments and we welcome the Green Party’s EU election animal manifesto explicitly pledging to work to end animal testing in Europe. We hope that further pledges will be forthcoming from other parties too.

BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, recently met with Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales and Caroline Lucas MP for the Green Party (Brighton Pavilion) (see photo).   

The Green Party Euro 2014 Manifesto on Animal Protection states:

'Greens want to see an end to all animal experimentation and will call for an EU strategy that ensures research funding is directed away from failing animal-disease models and towards modern humanbiology-based techniques, which offer greater opportunities to cure disease and improve product safety.'

See further details of the manifesto here.  

The ECEAE leads campaigning on all animal testing issues in Europe, and is the only organisation solely dedicated to being a voice for animals in EU laboratories. The ECEAE pulls together extensive expertise, experience and knowledge from major European animal protection organisations. We work with MEPs and officials to ensure that animals in laboratories are high on the European political agenda. We campaign for humane, modern science and progressive legislation. We also run public education campaigns and work with companies to encourage them to go cruelty free.

Read further information on the ECEAE European election campaign

Photo: Natalie Bennett (left) Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive (centre) Caroline Lucas (right) MP for the Green Party for Brighton Pavilion