Wendy Turner Webster supports the BUAV's Save Our Monkeys Campaign


The BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign is pleased to announce the support of UK TV presenter and animal advocate Wendy Turner Webster who has joined our call to raise awareness about the terrible plight of the monkeys of Mauritius and to help end the cruel trade in monkeys on the island.

Wendy has said: ‘Too few people are aware of the plight of thousands of wild monkeys kept imprisoned in industrial-scale factories on the island of Mauritius. I appeal to people to find out more about this secret suffering. I spent a wonderful honeymoon on Mauritius and am deeply saddened that this beautiful island hides such an ugly truth.’

To find out more about the Save Our Monkeys campaign please visit www.buav.org/mauritius 

To add your voice to Wendy’s and help end the cruel Mauritius monkey trade please sign our petition http://bit.ly/StopTheTrade