BUAV holds news conference in Mauritius to present the scientific case against the use of primates in research


A team from the BUAV is in Mauritius to raise awareness and concern regarding the Pre-Clinical Research Bill which is due to be presented to the Mauritius Parliament and will promote the use of animals in research. The introduction of such a bill, with the establishment of experimentation facilities in the country, will inflict further suffering and misery on the population of long-tailed macaque which is likely be the main species used in the research.  

BUAV Science Adviser, Dr Jarrod Bailey, is here to present the scientific case against the use of primates in research as well as the ethical and welfare considerations concerning the primates themselves. Dr Bailey will also discuss the human ethical angle - do primate experiments represent the best science to find cures for the diseases and illness suffered by people.

Dr Jarrod Bailey who addressed a news conference in Port Louis today said: ‘The use of primates and other animals in experiments is not scientifically defensible. The best approach to find the cures we all need for human disease is human-focused alternatives. A move away from a dependency on animal experiments will happen and it would be to Mauritius’s advantage to join this move and embrace alternatives.’ 

There are valid and arguably more successful alternatives to using non-human primates and other animals in pre-clinical testing.  Due to recent advances in technology, there are a wide range of more human-relevant approaches to studying, understanding and ultimately contributing to the cure of many diseases.  In this modern age, there is simply no excuse for the acceptance of continued testing on non-human primates to continue.

The BUAV is also holding a presentation, in collaboration with the Department of History & Political Science at the University of Mauritius. (Friday 21st March at 3pm, Lecture Theatre 2, The New Academic Complex of the University) 


Picture from left to rightAnand Nithoo, BUAV representative in Mauritius, Dr Jarrod Bailey, BUAV Scientific Advisor and Sarah Kite, BUAV Director of Communications and Special Projects