Please help us #TellTheWorld it’s time to ban cruel cosmetics forever


Please our sister organisation, Cruelty Free International, on Facebook and Twitter as it travels around the globe to #TellTheWorld it’s time to ban cruel cosmetics forever. There will be lots of actions for you to get involved with and lots for you to comment on.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the historic European Union ban on animal tested cosmetics and we now need you to help us #TellTheWorld that it’s time to ban cruel cosmetics forever.

The EU ban was a historic and monumental step towards a global ban on cosmetics testing on animals. This year Cruelty Free International will be marking this anniversary by delivering a ground-breaking scientific report on the alternatives to animal tests to over one hundred governments around the globe.

The report, ‘Meeting the Global Challenge: A guide to assessing the safety of cosmetics without using animals’ and a roadmap are designed to help governments, politicians, regulators and cosmetics manufacturers across the world in switching to alternatives to replace animal testing. It describes the alternative approaches that are available to replace animals and shows how they are more reliable, faster and cheaper than the animal tests they replace.

The report builds on the progress already made with animal testing bans for cosmetics purposes in other countries, including not only the EU, but India, Israel and China’s recent announcement of acceptance of non-animal testing from June 2014.

Now – go #TellTheWorld!

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Cruelty Free International is the leading global organization solely dedicated to ending the use of animals to test cosmetics and consumer products throughout the world. We work with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide to achieve effective long-lasting change for animals.