ECHA responds to comments on its work plan 2014-2018


The agency responsible for the EU REACH chemicals legislation, the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, has responded to comments on its proposed work plan for 2014-2018. The final version of the work plan published last month includes some changes requested by the ECEAE.

Changes include:

The ECEAE told the Agency in its comments that it was pleased to see mention of the promotion of alternatives and the commitment for workshops and development of integrated testing strategies and read across frameworks.

However, we asked for more detail to ensure that ECHA’s desire for “more rapid integration of scientific developments into regulatory decision making including accelerating the regulatory acceptance of alternative testing and assessment methods, and integrated testing strategies especially with a view of the 2018 registration deadline” was to be achieved.

The ECEAE is pleased to see some of our suggestions included in the final text and we look forward to seeing the outcome of the agency’s work in this area.