BUAV investigation reveals shocking killing of puppies and kittens in UK laboratory


A BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking use of very young animals, including puppies and kittens in experiments in a UK laboratory. The eight month investigation carried out at MSD Animal Health has revealed that the animals, used in research for animal vaccines, were between 4 weeks to 6 months old. After testing, they were killed and their bodies cut up. Undercover video footage taken by the BUAV graphically shows the pitiful plight of these very young animals, including puppies becoming distressed and crying out during the taking of blood and lethal injections.

Thousands of dogs and hundreds of cats are used in research every year in the UK. Yet, despite the widespread public concern about their use, because of the secrecy surrounding animal research very little is known about the suffering they are forced to endure. The BUAV’s revelations about what happens inside one UK laboratory will be especially shocking for the millions of families across the UK who share their homes and lives with cats and dogs.

Key concerns raised by the BUAV:

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive, BUAV stated: 'This is a secret the research industry would never want to be released into the public domain. Millions of families throughout the UK who share their homes and lives with cats and dogs will be appalled by these revelations. It is unacceptable, not only that these animals are suffering and dying in this way, but that many of them could have been released into loving homes instead of being killed and discarded for convenience sake.'