Bollywood actor, R Madhavan, appeals to people to speak out for the monkeys of Mauritius


3 Idiots actor, R Madhavan, is appealing to people to support a campaign to end the trade in monkeys for research in Mauritius.

The Bollywood star is supporting the ‘Save our Monkeys’ campaign and the recent release of its powerful new song ‘Vaanaron Ka Udhaar’ which raises awareness about the exploitation of primates in Mauritius.

Mauritius is one of the world’s largest suppliers of primates for the research industry, exporting many thousands of animals each year primarily to the USA and Europe. The animals, trapped in the wild, are bred in their thousands in large-scale facilities on the island. They spend their lives behind bars; their infants taken away from them to be later exported to suffer and die in laboratories around the world.

Bollywood star, R.Madhavan, has shown his compassion for animals by joining the Save our Monkeys campaign to stop the suffering of monkeys in Mauritius. He said:“I am appealing to everyone in Mauritius to find out more about the Save our Monkeys campaign and how their monkey population is subjected to great cruelty and suffering. I was appalled when I first learnt how these sentient beings are exploited and exported from the island for the global research industry. Please help end this needless cruelty.”

India banned the export of its population of macaque monkeys for research in 1978 following a widespread outcry. Save our Monkeys believes that Mauritius can and should follow India’s lead and take a positive stand against the monkey trade. 

The song, entitled Vaanaron Ka Udhaar (Save the Monkeys) along with the music and arrangement, was composed by Anand Nithoo and is sung by Paras Deshmukh.