In the spotlight with Avalon Organics!


Avalon Organics is a U.S. brand with a strong commitment to organic agriculture, sustainability, and personal health, summarized in their guiding principle, Consciousness in Cosmetics®. The company aims to offer pure, safe, effective personal care products that consumers will love using. Each of their products contains a minimum of 70% organic content from botanicals, extracts and essential oils, and is packaged in environmentally friendly materials. The range is formulated without parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, or phthalates, and is, of course, guaranteed 100% cruelty-free. We caught up with their UK distributor at Kinetic Natural Products to find out more about this great brand.

Q: Why was it important to you to become certified under the Humane Standard?

Since Avalon Organics’ establishment in 1994 we have never tested our products or ingredients on animals. We are an ethical company and believe that all vivisection should be abolished.

Q: What are your best sellers?

Our hair care and bath and shower gel are best sellers, particularly Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender fragrances. Personally, I am loving the Lavender Luminosity skincare range, which targets skin texture and clarity. The collection uses plant-based ingredients such as liquorice root, lavender, arnica and white tea, to gently clean and moisturize skin.

Q: What is unique about your company?

Our products are all formulated with the finest organic essential oils and at least 70% of our content is organic. These oils not only play a role in caring for our skin and hair, but they also have an effect on our mood because of their aromatherapeutic properties.

Q: Do you offer any vegan or vegetarian products as part of the Avalon Organics range?

All of our products are vegetarian. We also support ethical sourcing and sustainable farming practices. Using organic ingredients, for example, encourages a measurable expansion of organic acreage cultivation, which is great for the environment.

Q: Why should people follow you on Facebook or Twitter?

You can join our Facebook community, where we share with you our latest news as well as health and wellbeing tips. Our Facebook fans also discuss their favourite Avalon products and what they use them for!

Q: Who are your customers/who are your products aimed at?

The average Avalon Organics customer is someone aged 30 and upwards who appreciates a little bit of luxury every day. The essential oil based range offers aromatherapeutic products with wonderfully uplifting properties. We also have a baby range  - gentle, natural products made with organic ingredients and containing soothing, organic botanicals and nutrient-rich plant emollients.

Q. Where are your company’s main markets? Tell us a bit about your company’s geographical spread.

Avalon Organics was founded in 1994 in the USA but can now be found extensively in the UK and Europe too.