BUAV CEO Michelle Thew presents in New Delhi today to representatives of CPCSEA


BUAV’s CEO, Michelle Thew, gave a presentation today in New Delhi to representatives of CPCSEA; the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals.
Much like the British Home Office, the CPCSEA has the authority to grant permission for experiments to be conducted on animals, which is why it is vital that open discussions of animal welfare and testing validity must be addressed.
The function of the committee also extends to many additional aspects regarding animal experimentation including, for example, their breeding and housing.
Michelle’s presentation focussed specifically on the use of dogs in experimentation as much progress is being made in the UK, by the BUAV, to campaign for a Government ban on their use within animal research. As part of the presentation, Michelle addressed the findings from a scientific report, recently published by the BUAV and FRAME, which concludes that “Combined with considerable public concern over the use of dogs in science, the high ethical costs of doing so, given the sensitive nature of dogs, and the expressed desire for the use of dogs as a second species in drug testing to have a scientific, rather than a habitual, basis, we conclude that the preclinical testing of pharmaceuticals in dogs cannot currently be justified on scientific or ethical grounds.” (An Analysis of the Use of Dogs in Predicting Human Toxicology and Drug Safety. Jarrod Bailey, Michelle Thew and Michael Balls 2013)
The BUAV was pleased to be able to visit and speak at the conference and take the opportunity to meet with other leading animal protection organisations, opinion formers and specialists whilst in India.