We are delighted to announce that the BUAV Science team, who are attending the 18th Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing in Austria this week, were presented with the European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EUSAAT) Poster Award. 

It was selected out of over 80 that were submitted. The winning poster contained an overview of a recent study that we have conducted showing that a particular animal test for chemicals can be avoided.  We are extremely grateful to EUSAAT, the conference hosts, for awarding us this prize in recognition of our hard work.

Also this week, as well as hearing about exciting developments and new techniques that could potentially replace animals, one of our scientists was given the opportunity to attend a practical training course on alternatives. The course was designed to give young scientists a hands-on experience with established alternatives to demonstrate how they are used in practice. 

One of the methods included in the training was the reconstituted human skin model, which is used to find out if a product is likely to be irritating to the skin. This fascinating model is made up of small discs of skin cells grown from human skin donated as waste from cosmetic surgery. Instead of rubbing a substance onto the shaved skin of a rabbit in the cruel animal test, it is applied to discs of human skin and then evaluated for signs of irritation. 

The course was very rewarding as it allowed us to gain real-life experience and appreciation for how these highly innovative and models can be used to save the lives of thousands of animals.