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Cruelty Free International launches 'Freedom' campaign to stop cosmetic tests on animals worldwide



The BUAV scored a major victory in March 2013 when the European Union ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics came into force. Now Cruelty Free International, the global organization founded by the BUAV, has launched a global campaign to persuade governments around the world to enact similar legislation.

Cruelty Free International's 'Freedom' campaign is aimed at those opposed to animal testing, animal lovers and ethical shoppers. The campaign asks respondents to 'Buy Freedom' by purchasing cosmetics from companies which do not test their products on animals, 'Share Freedom' by spreading word of the campaign through social media and 'Give Freedom' by donating to the campaign.

The Freedom campaign is using online video, email, social media and direct mail.

The money raised will pay for Cruelty Free International experts to persuade governments and regulators around the world to introduce bans, and use the many humane alternatives to animals testing which are now available.

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