BUAV reveals cruel experiments by major food companies to prove 'health benefits'


The BUAV has revealed animal experiments by major food producers to prove 'health benefits' was reported by over 270 media outlets. Below are some of the highlights:


Mail Online “Food giants caught in animal testing scandal”

MSN News UK “Companies accused over animal tests"

Daily Star “Food test rage”

Express "Food giants accused of 'cruel and sickening' experiments in animal testing scandal"

Care2 “Big Food Called Out for Unnecessary Animal Torture”

London Evening Standard “Companies accused over animal tests”

Irish Examiner "Food companies accused of 'cruel' experiments on animals"


The Australian Press Association carried the story which ran in a number of major Australian media including:

News.com.au (Australia): “Food companies accused of animal cruelty”

The Australian: “Food companies accused of animal cruelty”

Nine News (Australia): “Food companies accused of animal cruelty”