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Imperial College London’s so-called ‘independent inquiry’ will be seen as a ‘whitewash’, says the BUAV


The BUAV has today slammed the so-called ‘independent inquiry’ set up by Imperial College London, into poor practices and avoidable animal suffering, in its animal research departments uncovered by the BUAV. 

The College has announced the appointment of Professor Steve Brown, Director of the Medical Research Council’s Mammalian Genetics Unit at Harwell in Oxford, to chair an investigation into the BUAV’s findings.

Not only is Professor Brown a well-known and strong supporter of animal research, heading the Medical Research Council (MRC) unit which manipulates mice to predispose them to develop all manner of diseases, but the MRC  actually funds animal research at the Imperial College. This is hardly an independent inquiry.

Instead the BUAV is calling on the Government to set up a fully independent inquiry into the concerns raised by the report. The inquiry should be independent of the Home Office (which regulates animal experiments) and Imperial College, as well as any institution funding or supporting research at Imperial College.  

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV said, “The public are likely to see Imperial’s inquiry into the animal suffering and poor practices uncovered by our investigation as a whitewash.  This investigation raises significant and far reaching questions about animal research in the UK.  We urge the Government to set up a fully independent inquiry as a matter of urgency. The public will expect no less.

The BUAV yesterday revealed the terrible suffering of animals uncovered at the ‘world leading’ Imperial College London, following our seven month investigation. Animals were viewed as dispensable tools of research and their welfare relegated far below the demands of research, financial considerations and staff convenience.

For further information and to support our call for a fully independent inquiry:

Investigation film

(warning: the film contains footage of animal suffering that you may find upsetting)


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