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BUAV welcomes Israel ban on import and sale of cosmetics and household products that have been tested on animals


BUAV has today welcomed new legislation in Israel, which bans the import and sale of any cosmetics, personal care or household products which have been tested on animals. However, this new law will only come into full effect when the EU marketing ban is implemented. 

BUAV, along with our colleagues in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), have led the campaign across Europe to end the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics. 

We have urged that there be no postponement or exceptions added to the 2013 marketing ban deadline, as that would lead to thousands of animals continuing to suffer in countries around the world for cosmetics sold within the EU. We have taken our message out to politicians, the public and industry achieving widespread support.

For further information visit the ECEAE’s No Cruel Cosmetics campaign.