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BUAV calls for an end to the use of animals in disturbing UK military experiments


The BUAV has called for an end to the cruel use of animals in warfare experiments following revelations of the severe suffering inflicted on animals at the top secret Porton Down military laboratory in Wiltshire.

Disturbing evidence of animals poisoned, blasted, forced to inhale toxic chemicals and infected with deadly disease has been released by the BUAV. Thousands of animals are used each year in Porton Down, including pigs, monkeys, guinea pigs and mice. Many of these experiments involved substantial suffering and resulted in the death of the animals. In some tests, there were no reports of treatment or pain relief given.

Some of the animal research conducted at Porton Down was funded by or carried out in collaboration with the US defence agencies.  

In addition to the ethical objections of using animals in such grotesque and cruel experiments, the BUAV also points out the inadequacies of using nonhuman animals in an effort to understand human beings. 

The BUAV has also raised concerns that an Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, which was set up to provide independent scientific advice on the care and welfare of animals used in military research at Porton Down was dissolved in 2010.

Some of the experiments conducted at Porton Down and published in journals in the last two years include:

BUAV’s Chief Executive, Michelle Thew states: Although supporting the need to ensure the safety of soldiers and civilians in an ever increasing dangerous world, the BUAV is opposed to deliberately causing suffering and death to animals in such disturbing and cruel experiments. We believe it is totally unacceptable to treat animals in this way."