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Maneka Gandhi and People for Animals join our global campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals


We are delighted that Maneka Gandhi has joined the global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics launched by Cruelty Free International. Cruelty Free International, which was established by the BUAV in March 2012, is the first global organization dedicated to ending the use of animals to test cosmetics products throughout the world.

Maneka Gandhi, founder of People for Animals said,The world is looking at India. I want to be able to say that India was among the first in the world to ban tests on animals for beauty products, which is why I am supporting Cruelty Free International’s global campaign to end these cruel and outdated tests. Please help save animals from cruel experiments by supporting Cruelty Free International.

People for Animals has partnered with us to launch the India Cruelty Free International office. Cruelty Free International is working with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide. The ambitious campaign is placing the issue of animal testing on the agenda of many governments for the very first time as part of a global strategy to tackle cosmetics testing on animals.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive, Cruelty Free International said, We are thrilled to have the support of Maneka Gandhi and her organisation People for Animals, India’s leading independent animal organisation. Maneka is well known for her compassion for animals and her support strengthens our ground breaking campaign to protect animals from suffering for cosmetics in India.

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