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BUAV welcomes court order to release dogs from laboratory in Brazil


The BUAV is delighted to announce the release of six beagle dogs and three cross breeds dogs from the State University of Maringá (UEM) where they were being used in dentistry research.

The dogs were released last week and taken to the organisation ‘Angels of Animals’ where they will undertake health checks and be put up for adoption. Many families have already come forward wanting to adopt the animals.

Not only were these dogs released from a life in the laboratory, the University has been ordered by the court to suspend the animal dental experiments. 

Following the presentation of a petition last year, the Public Ministry submitted to the court a civil action in an attempt to prevent UEM from carrying out the research on dogs. The reasons given were the poor husbandry of the dogs, and other welfare concerns, including the suffering caused to them during and after experiments. The BUAV was pleased to support this effort by supplying expert animal welfare and scientific evidence, including a criticism of the dental research carried out and an overview of non-animal methods available, to show that not only were the experiments cruel, they were also not necessary. 

Instrumental to the release of these dogs and the suspension of the research were Dr. Joseph Lafaieti, District Attorney of Maringá and Federal Magistrate, Dr. Anderson Furlan, Danielle Tetü Rodrigues, Angela Lamas, Hellen Heindyk and Norah André.

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