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BUAV welcomes an Israeli High Court ruling banning the export of wild-caught monkeys


The BUAV has welcomed an Israeli High Court ruling that has prevented the export of 50 monkeys from Israel although we are extremely disappointed that a further 40 could end being exported and used in experiments in a US laboratory. The High Court of Justice in Israel has this week banned the export of 50 monkeys, who originated from the wild in Mauritius, but approved the export of 40 monkeys who were born in captivity, to the US contract company, SNBL, to be used in experiments.

Two Israeli animal organizations, Let the Animals Live and Behind Closed Doors had petitioned the court for a complete ban on the sale of 90 monkeys from the B.F.C Israel (known as Mazor farm). The court is now awaiting the decision of B.F.C as to whether the company plans to ship the 40 captive-born monkeys.  

The BUAV has been supporting the campaign of Let the Animals Live and Behind Closed Doors. During this time we have provided evidence along with scientific and animal welfare expertise and testimony to assist in the petition filed by the groups to stop the export of these 90 macaques from Israel to the US

Documents and testimonies submitted by the two groups to the High Court have included incidents of animal suffering that have taken place, including one at the SNBL in which a female monkey was boiled to death after having been left in her cage and placed inside a cage washer. In addition, exporting the monkeys stands in complete contradiction to the policy of the Minister of Environmental Protection, that a) does not allow the export of wild-caught monkeys and b) only allows monkeys to be exported if it can be proved that they are intended to save human lives or reduce human suffering. 

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